WACHEMO University Registrar office is offering services for Regular, Continuing Education (CEP) and summer students for 54 undergraduate and 7 postgraduate programs in three campuses, 6 colleges (namely: Engineering and Technology, Natural & Computational Science, Medicine and Health Science, Agriculture Science, Business & Economics, Social Science and Humanities) and three schools (School of Post graduate study, School of Law, and School of Medicine. The office is also giving services for those who were students and left the University for Various Reasons (graduation, medical, personal, academic etc.)

The office is responsible for:

  1. preparing the necessary forms for registration, add & drop of courses, withdrawal/clearance, readmission,
  2. Scheduling the registration, announcing and advertising University’s programs to the public
  3. preparing and disseminating academic calendars after approval by the senate of the University
  4. recording grades and keeping student’s records
  5. Preparing lists of students recommended for graduation and preparing & issuing credentials
  6. The office is also responsible to undertake students admission, placement, re-admission, enrollment, organizing and administering graduations monitor and control academic decisions, conducting   tracer studies, and others services.

As of the year of 2018/19 1st Semester, the university has:

  1. 7,928 male, 4,691 female (a total of 12,619) students in Undergraduate Regular Programs
  2. 4,762 male, 2,503 female (total of 7,265) in Undergraduate Extension Programs
  3. 2,550 male, 1036 female (a total of 3586) summer programs, and 203 male &36 female (a total of 239) students in Postgraduate programs. Hence our university, WCU has a total of 15,443 male & 8266 female (23,709 total) number of students.
  4. The registrar office is ready to graduate students by itself for the 6th time in the coming July, 2019