Distinguished visitors,

It is my pleasure to invite you to DHS Coordination office of CMHS, WCU and the office was established in 2014/15. The decision of the establishment of the coordination office was initiated from the belief of excelling profile of the Wachemo University and to make one among the top tasks that attracts local and international partners since these partners engage in the community for different tasks via Wachemo university recognition.

Aimed to provide baseline and longitudinal community based demographic, socio-economic and health related data to relevant government offices and to utilize the generated data for the monitoring and improvement of health status of communities and functioning of the health care delivery system. These indirectly create/strengthen the bond between Wachemo University and partners (governmental and non-governmental organization).

It is also believed to gain profession wise recognition for different researchers engage in different interventions. The data from the interventions will be used as baseline for different stakeholders (local to international organizations). Create/inspire competent researchers and sense of ownership for the selected centers. Finally, leads to see various MEGA-project sites in the catchment areas.

Lonsako Abute
Coordinator of DHS in CMHS
Tel: +251912274086
Email: bt.lnsk@gmail.com