Public Relation & International Affairs Directorate

Duties And Responsibilities

  1. Planning ,organizing ,coordinating and leading the its department plans, activities and human power .
  2. Preparing international relation affairs plans with concerned bodies and follow up of their implementation or cascade.
  3. Assures all public relation works’ vital role to outshine the universities vision and mission and he/she follow all programs of it.
  4. Strongly work and follow to strength successful relations network within the country and outside the country and also strength the available relations.
  5. Facilitates to have new relations within the country and outside the country universities and stakeholders
  6. Prepares communiqué concerning the overall activities of the university ,if necessary and allowed ,he/she presents to the public.
  7. Strives to create strong relations which enhance the good image of the university .Also, follow its implementation of practices.
  8. Announcing and disseminating information of international education and research scholarships programs by collecting from websites and other relevant sources of information.
  9. Coordination and implementing new students well coming ceremonies’ and national and international visits and other related issues.
  10. Work to Disseminate educational announcements through various channels of communication.
  11. Participates in Websites script writing, advertisements, news magazines works. Also, serves as an editor.
  12. Participates and Search for new various income generating methods of activities.
  13. Prepares , edits and gives corrective comments with concerned bodies on temporary advertisements to promote the university.
  14. Formulate and presents to the concerned bodies influential experiences and new ideas which brings business success of the university.
  15. Coordinates and follows the implementation of research works which brings sustainable institutional change.
  16. Identifies ,formulates and strives for the continuity of good experiences of each units in within the university and at any level of leadership positions.
  17. Give and follow its employees’ level of performance and evaluation
  18. Work in individual or team manner to bring good works which are good to assure institutional and unit successful implementation.
  19. Also , performs other works which will be given by the university president.