Public Relation & International Affairs Directorate

Wachemo University is one of the Higher Education Institutions of Ethiopia which is found in South West of South Nations Nationalities and Peoples regional state in Haddiya Zone, Hossana town which is 232Km far from Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Its foundation was laid in its current location in 2009 G.C. For the first time, the university inaugurated teaching and learning process with its first batch of 538 (five hundred thirty eight) students in four faculties and twelve departments.

However, in the past few years, WCU made astonishing progress in program extensions and various campus expansions. Therefore , currently the university is running its teaching and learning programs in three campuses such as WCU main campus , Durame campus which is located at ‘Kemebata Temebaro Zone ‘, and Nigist Elleni Mohamed Memorial Comprehensive Specialized Hospital campuses in Hossana town.

Now, in WCU there are 58 (fifty eight) undergraduate programs and 44 (fourty four ) graduate programs, 2 (two) Ph.D programs in Soil Sciences and Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in six colleges and two schools. Currently, in total including evening, weekend and summer students, there are around 34,000 (thirty four thousand students).

Furthermore, WCU is concerned in demand driven and problem solving research works and community services conduction. As part of community services and engagement projects , seven agricultural and technology transfer centers such as Shone, Shenkola’ ,’Lembuda’, Durame Campus, Orcha, Bu'uma, and main campus centers clasp a number of ongoing and new projects.

In addition, currently there are seven teaching centers namely Main Campus, Durame Campus, Shone, Gimbichu, Homacho, Gibe No. 1 and 2, and Mudula.

In general, currently there are around 34,000 students, more than 1,600 academic staffs and more than 6,500 administration staff in Wachemo University. All these people are governed under administrative, research and community services, and academic wings administrations.

For example under president office of WCU, there are around ten directorates such as Institutional Reform and Good Governance, Internal Audit, Anti-corruption, Gender Affairs, Deliverology Unit, HIV/AIDS, Campus Security, Institutional Quality Enhancement, Institutional Planning, and Public Relation and International Affairs Directorates.

To wind up here, WCU Public Relations and International Affairs Directorate as its university vision will be "Aspires to become one of the top ten first universities and home of brilliants in Ethiopia by 2017 E.C."

Moreover, Public Relations and International Affairs Directorate mainly working on four sections such as institutional image, advertisements, crisis management, media relations-press release, conferences, liaisons with media, publications-house magazines, and Internal and external community relations.

Particularly, PR is working on fundamentals of public relations namely strategy, message, target audience, media choice, purpose, cost, presentation, commercial vs. social, public affairs/governmental policies, and lobbying, marketing.

To promote university, the directorate has been working practically on facebook, telegram, website, and establishing community based radio, using Amharic, English, and Hadiyisa Language as medium of instruction through social, print and electronic media.

Also, its mission will be to strengthen goodwill and effective public relation within the university and with outside international universities of the globe.

Finally, to achieve our university vision and mission, we use proper communication as key for successful achievements of vision and mission of WCU at large. Thank you!

Let your light shine in the society!