Area for collaboration

WCU plans to actively engage in collaboration with international research and educational institutions in the following areas:

  • Undertaking of joint research activities and publications
  • Exchange of faculty members for undertaking research, delivering lectures, and participating in academic discussions
  • Organizing joint workshops, courses and scientific conferences on common areas of interest
  • Joint application for external project funding opportunities to promote staff and students mobility and staff capacity building
  • Collaboration in teaching and learning, curriculum development, services to the community and research
  • Development of new joint masters and PhD programs in fields of interest
  • Institutional capacity building and sharing of facilities and resources
  • Promote exchange of information, materials and scientific information in fields of interest
  • Collaboration on other educational initiatives and scientific research endeavors mutually agreed upon with partners

Our Partners

Wachemo University is starting its academic and research collaboration with various international academic institutions, and they are given below.