The internationalization and partnerships office is primarily responsible for establishing the strategic direction of international partnerships in order to improve Wachemo University's (WCU) global reputation and add significant value to the university's core activities of teaching and learning, research, and knowledge exchange. The office is in charge of coordinating, developing, and establishing WCU partnerships and collaborations with national and foreign universities, as well as monitoring their execution. It also revises and proposes the University's foreign cooperation strategy to the President on a regular basis to keep up with current developments.

Even though it is in its infant phase, WCU has clear policy of working with motivated partners through a mutually beneficial framework agreement and in areas that would help all actors to achieve their goals. The office of internationalization and partnerships works to form new partnerships, enhance existing ones, and coordinate and facilitate the signing of new Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with a variety of local, national, and international partners.

Currently, the University is actively communicating with some international partners from different parts of the world. The key areas for academic collaborations are Joint academic programs, Joint research programs, Faculty exchange, Students exchange, Exchange of academic information and materials, and other academic activities of mutual interest. Most importantly, the university has signed Memorandum of understanding (MOU) for academic collaboration with Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa and Nanjing Vocational College of Information technology, Jiangsu, China in 2022.Additional partnership is underway with Malatya Turgut Ozal University, Turkey, to be finalized soon. Furthermore, it is working hard to secure other partnerships with various international partners across the globe.